All natural at home soothing dry eye and lid care

Gentle Self-Care One Minute a Day

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The six things that happen when use NuLids

Pleasant Soothing

Gentle Self-care one minute a day. Oscillating tip gently stimulates and rejuvenates the glands


One minute a day timed controls revoutionary therapy. FDA Registered.

95% Satisfaction

One minute a day timed controls revoutionary therapy. FDA Registered

Stimulates Eyelash

The NuLids Revitalize Eyelid Gel ingredients when used with the NuLids device improves eyelash growth

Cleans Eyelids

Doctor recommended. Over 1 million treatments throughout the world.

Wellness Hygiene

A new generation of wellness hygiene for eyelid and dry eye treatment one minute a day that is soothing, pleasant, gentle self-care.

Get back a more youthful and healthy state. Feel and look good.

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