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Meet NuLids – smart all naturral electric self care at-home device that guides you, times you, and reminds you – helping you get into the rhythm of better soothing therapy for your eyes.


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Why NuLids?

How does it work?

NuLids™ is a new at-home system that works by gently stimulating and rejuvenating the Meibomian glands and is an effective alternative treatment for dry eye disease.

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NuLids works so you can rest

NuLids® is Simple and Easy to Use -One Minute a Day

Dry Eye Treatment

The self-regulating design halts the movement of the NuLids™ soft tip if too much pressure is applied to the eye. Treatment takes just 1 minute

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Felix Doughry
NuLids Patient

"NuLids for dry eye treatment works like never before."

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